Good evening Sand Creek, this is Mr. Laundra with your weekly announcements. Earlier today, several important decisions were made regarding Sand Creek’s “learn from home education plan.”

Starting tomorrow, our grab-n-go meals pick-up day changes from Mondays to Tuesdays. From here on out, Sand Creek will distribute Grab-n-Go meals for the week on Tuesdays from 7-9am at the high school and from 4:30-6:30pm at the elementary school. 

The Sand Creek administration and teaching staff has spent the past ten days crafting a “stay at home learning plan” intended to close the education gap being caused by Covid-19.  In a few days, we will be releasing a detailed guidance document for our state approved plan. This document will be shared with all Sand Creek parents through our school website & Facebook page, as well as a mailing.

Our revised stay at home education plan will require parent assistance as well as a sincere desire to support this improved learning opportunity. The plan calls for our parents to register each student in their home and to make a commitment to participate by one of two methods. Parents are being asked to choose between an on-line delivery method, or a learning packet delivery method. Please assist Sand Creek Schools by going to our school website to register your students.  The deadline for student registration is this Friday by 8am.

Also, we’re requesting parents to pick up their students’ personal and school belongings this Friday, April 17th.  The format for retrieving belongings will be a curb side pickup of your student’s pre bagged belongings.  Details of this pick up will be conveyed in a separate instant alert soon.  It will also be posted on our school website.  Stay tuned.

The Sand Creek Board of Education will be holding its first ever virtual school board meeting next Monday night at 6pm. More details about how to attend the board meeting virtually will be posted to our school website later this week, including the teleconference platform we’ll be using and how to access it.

By order of the governor, all school playground areas and outdoor athletic fields and facilities are off limits to the public until the end of April.

Lastly, stay tuned for more details regarding Sand Creek’s “Plan for Continued Learning.”  Unprecedented times require unprecedented solutions and cooperation. With that Sand Creek, I bid you good night.

Listed below is the direct link to register your students for the rest of the 2019-20 school year.