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Sharon Smith
Superintendent/Chief Financial Officer
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Over the past two years, Sand Creek Community Schools has upgraded school safety in several key areas. Two summers ago, we installed a quality camera system to ALL of our school buses. This has reduced the bus discipline volume by nearly 50%. At that time, we also replaced and added exterior cameras to both buildings. Both of these camera systems have allowed us to get to the bottom of numerous issues that went on unsolved prior to having them. Last year the school also purchased and installed a new outside door lock system. This new security system is a card reader lock system that allows us the ultimate on demand security for allowing access to our buildings. We also have a buzz-in systems at the main entrance front doors of both buildings.

Our latest addition to building safety is being funded through a Michigan State Police School Safety grant. This grant allowed our building to purchase a sophisticated door boot system with SMART capabilities. Door boots are used to barricade doors to prevent entry during a live school lock down situation. God forbid we’ll ever need to use this system to defend our students and employees, but nevertheless, we now have the capability to properly barricade doors should a situation call for it. In addition to the actual metal door boot that barricades the door, each boot system also comes with a computerized SMART component that alerts all classrooms and offices when any of the boots are deployed. The SMART system portion of this product calls 911 when activated and tells law enforcement where the boot was deployed. The SMART component also detects gunfire, including the location of the gunfire and the caliber of gun being fired. This past summer, the manual door boot systems were installed. Next summer, the SMART component portion of the system will be installed and activated. This system is simply amazing, and at no cost to our school district.