Chromebook Insurance Available

Does my child need to use the Sand Creek issued Chromebook?

Sand Creek students must use their school-issued Chromebooks for all school work. School-issued Chromebooks are set up by our IT Department with important specifications and settings for school use. School-issued Chromebooks are set up to promote safe, secure internet browsing, testing features to promote a distraction-free environment, accessibility features to assist students in reading, writing and viewing materials, and is equipped with apps and extensions to aid in learning activities. School-issued Chromebooks have a long-lasting battery, which make them easy to use over the course of day without charging in the classroom. Compulsory use of school-issued Chromebooks ensures that students can receive help from teachers and our IT Department in navigating the technology for educational purposes and troubleshooting issues. If students were to use personal computers at school, they would not be able to receive quick and effective help in making sure their technology is operating properly to complete their school activities. Furthermore, were students to use both a personal computer and their school-issued Chromebook, important documents and files may not be automatically available between both devices: students may risk losing work while at school if the work was completed on a personal computer.