Public Notice 10-12-2020

Virtual Learning Day Expectations *Updated 10/13/2020

On a virtual day like  a future snow day or fog delay, face to face students should check into their google classrooms at the time these classes would meet on a normal face to face day.

While in the google classroom, look for a google meet invitation and attend this google meet and also look for any assignments and materials posted in the google classroom.

Also, make sure that you are aware of due dates for your assignments and contact your teacher if you have any questions or need further clarity.

Learning Choice Options for 1st semester of the 2020/2021 School Year


This educational format involves students attending face-to-face instruction five days each week, following state guidelines and mandates to promote staff and student safety. This model will not look like school in the past. Teachers will have to adjust their classrooms for appropriate social distancing, restricted movement and no center or group work. Teachers will utilize Google classroom throughout the day to help with implementing assignments and curriculum to ensure cleanliness. Students will wear masks in common areas (buses, hallways, bathrooms) and will stay in their classroom all day with the exception of gym, recess and using the bathroom. Students will be able to see their peers throughout the day and interact with their teacher.


This educational format involves students attending school virtually full-time with a Ruth McGregor teacher. This model will allow students to stay at home and be given a curriculum that is created by a Sand Creek teacher utilizing Google classroom. They will make frequent connections to their teachers and peers throughout the week using Zoom and interactive web tools. Students can work at their own pace throughout the week. This learning will look differently then what was presented in the spring. Teachers have spent their summers attending professional developments and building their Google classrooms. Parents might have to facilitate these assignments but the teaching and feedback will be given by a Sand Creek teacher. This instructional format requires you to have access to reliable internet.


This educational format will include students attending school face-to-face 4 days a week, following state guidelines and mandates to promote staff and student safety. Each Wednesday, these learners will stay at home and complete work provided by their teachers. This work may be new or a continuation of what students began during their face-to-face instruction. Students are expected to complete their assignments on time and/or review instructional materials provided by their teachers during these at-home days.


This format allows students to attend school in a virtual setting at home. These students will work independently on learning assignments and materials by their teacher for four days of the school week. Students are required to review curricular materials and assignments posted by their teachers at home. Assignments should be completed on time. All teachers will post learning materials on Google Classroom. Each Wednesday, these virtual learners will “Zoom in” with their teachers for more structured support, collaboration, and community-building. Teachers will use this time to provide an essential social-emotional connection between teacher and student and peers. This time is not for traditional lectures but for those social components of education Sand Creek promises our students. The “Zoom in” will not count towards a student’s grade. Students will “Zoom in” during their regularly scheduled class times. This instructional format requires you to have access to reliable internet.

Students who choose the Sand Creek Virtual program can still participate in athletics. Sand Creek Community Schools will adhere to MHSAA guidelines regarding sports offerings for the 2020-2021 school year provided they do not contradict the Governor’s executive orders.

The deadline to change your learning choice for the 1st semester is Friday, August 21st by noon.