On behalf of Ruth McGregor Elementary School let me be among the first to say welcome to Sand Creek Community Schools! I feel honored to work with such a dedicated and highly qualified staff, our amazing students, and all of our supportive families at Sand Creek. It truly is a great place to be! We believe that each child is unique and we feel that Sand Creek is an outstanding place for your child to learn, grow, and develop in order to thrive in the 21st century!Ruth McGregor Elementary School is located in Sand Creek, Michigan, approximately 40 miles from Ann Arbor, Michigan and 30 miles from Toledo, Ohio. We serve approximately 360 students enrolled from preschool to fifth grade. We strive to provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff at all times.Our district has integrated Capturing Kids’ Hearts and the Bucket Filler initiatives to meet the social and emotional needs of our students. Our staff has integrated lessons into our curriculum to address topics such as bullying, positive social interactions, and respecting differences to help build an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and comfortable! We want each person who walks through our doors to feel welcomed here at Ruth McGregor Elementary School. Our goal is to capture your child’s heart each and every time they return to school!

We see each and every day as a new opportunity for our students and staff to live out our mission statement as they enter our building. “Ruth McGregor Elementary School is committed to delivering an effective 21st century educational program that prepares students to live happy, healthy, productive, and successful lives.” It is an honor and a privilege that you are willing to share your child with us at Sand Creek Community Schools! Ruth McGregor Elementary School is a place where we challenge, inspire, and prepare students for the future while instilling a life-long love of learning.Building relationships are at the heart of our school whether it be with our students, families, staff, or community members. Teamwork is an essential piece of making sure your student is successful at every level while they are at Ruth McGregor Elementary School. Our belief is that educating your child is a collaboration with all parties built on trust, understanding, and open communication. We strongly encourage our parents and families of Ruth McGregor Elementary School to be an active part of their child’s educational process through volunteering opportunities as well as staying informed about their student’s progress.We look forward to forming a long lasting relationship with our students, staff, parents, and community members. Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of assistance to you! Welcome to our Sand Creek Community!

Make today great,

Mrs. Gilbert